Great fly fishing live bait trip

Great trip Sunday morning with Charles Beck. Started with a few drifts on the fly rod without much luck. Went and used some live bait to land 4 large striped bass up to 45lb’s. Broke off 2 others all fish were released. Since it was his birthday he kept one for dinner.Charlie finished strong on the fly rod landing several blue fish.
The Sunday evening trip was just as successful lots of blue fish action and one large bass on live bait.

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  1. Fished with Tim three times this year and have had a great trip every time. Caught three huge stripers on the first trip, blew multiple chances at huge bass on the second trip and caught my first Albie on fly tackle as well as five more on my third trip. Looking forward to getting out there with Tim again. Great guy and you can’t beat Montauk for fishing.

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